20 Jun Dynamic enters Pop-up Retail arena…

Thinking creatively on behalf of our clients and stretching our response to their brief far beyond what they expect has grown to be the bedrock of all our successful business relationships. Thanks to this we have become well known for not only  being a reliable supplier to the world’s major brands but also for acting like a true business partner. Now, we have come up with our biggest blue sky idea to date. Following this phenomenal rise of ‘pop up’ retailing in recent years we are investing 500,000 pounds in a unique pop up concept that can be applied to all brands in our portfolio.

Based on a kit of parts that can be adapted to any brand, the concept uses two basic frameworks: one to be applied in store or in the general concourse of shopping centres and malls, and the other to be housed in a bespoke container concept used in piazzas, parks, car parks or large crowd events like pop festivals, shows, fairs or even the London Marathon.

Both frameworks can be dressed and adapted to suit differing brand values and product types and will be available to clients on a rental basis for just 50,000 pounds each unit.  We are creating an initial four pop ups which can be used anywhere in the world and discussions are already well advanced with major brands within our portfolio.

This is an innovative way of bringing the brand to the customer in an engaging and different fashion  that will make a huge impact. Quite soon I expect our name will be popping up everywhere…


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